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Open 24 Hours for deer drop off!  Deer meat vacuum sealed!

We have taken our award-winning meat processing techniques and applied them to venison. Bring in your deer and let us turn it into DELICIOUS products that your

  • Dwight Ely, Susan Ely

Deer Drop off Status: OPEN to receive deer

Deer cooler is currently open 24/7 to receive deer.

**No HSH (donated deer) accepted from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

*Also, as per PA GAME COMMISSION,  no deer accepted from the following states: ARKANSAS, COLORADO, ILLINOIS, IOWA, KANSAS, NEBRASKA, NEW MEXICO, NY, NORTH DAKOTA, OHIO,OKLAHOMA, ONTARIO, SOUTH DAKOTA, TENNESSEE, TEXAS, UTAH, VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA, WISCONSIN, AND WYOMING.  (Boneless meat from these states  may be brought in for processing. Call for information.)

Deer Pick up times: 

  Saturdays: 9:00AM – 2:00PM

THURSDAY NIGHTS- 7pm-9pm ( Only from Thanksgiving until the end of January. No pick ups Dec. 24 or Dec. 31. After Jan 31, pick-ups are Saturdays only)


You will receive a phone call when your deer is ready.

Thank you!


Take note of pickup times
Please leave your deer, only if you are able to comply with the pick up times. – Thank you! Also, NO CHANGES can be made to your order once you leave your deer in our cooler.