AAMP Elects New President — Courier Times Article

CONGRATULATIONS DWIGHT ELY, the immediate past PRESIDENT of the American Association of Meat Processors! Please feel free to download & read the official press release here.

Newest item – Pepperoni!
Open 24 Hours for deer drop off!  Deer meat vacuum sealed!

ATTENTION- NJ HUNTERS! (and all states other than PA)
We are still working with the PA Game Commission who has banned WHOLE deer from being brought into PA from other states, INCLUDING NJ, this season.  We can still accept skinned and quartered deer. We have been trying for months to get a special exception from them, to no avail at this point.
NJ hunters (and all NON-PA Hunters):
Continue to check our website. PA Game Commission has banned ALL other states except PA from bringing whole deer to us. Deer may be brought in skinned/quartered. We are still seeking an exception. See instructions below.
PA deer can still be brought in whole, as usual, with no changes. 
ALL other states, INCLUDING NJ, must:
1. Skin and quarter the deer 2. Place ONE skinned and quartered deer per cooler or clean container(cooler/container must be labeled on top with name and phone number in permanent marker) 3. Fill out computer paper (as usual) and place in plastic sleeve then place inside cooler 4. leave cooler OPEN (if using a cooler) and place in Ely’s walk-in drop off refrigerator (the usual place).
Please note that $25 dollars will be subtracted off the usual whole deer price for skinned and quartered deer. 
Deer meat must be free of hair and debris or it will be rejected.
We are sorry for this inconvenience! We continue to work with the PA Game Commission for the exception ( we are ONE MILE from the border!). Thanks for your prayers and for your business. Have a safe and blessed hunting season!

We have taken our award-winning meat processing techniques and applied them to venison. Bring in your deer and let us turn it into DELICIOUS products that your

  • Dwight Ely, Susan Ely

Deer Drop off Status: OPENING SEPTEMBER 10

Our deer drop self-serve shed and cooler will be open from September 10 until the end of the PA and NJ hunting seasons. Happy hunting! See you soon!



*Also, as per PA GAME COMMISSION,  no WHOLE deer accepted from any states except PA. Deer from non-PA states can be brought in skinned and quartered. Boneless meat can also be brought in from any state. Call for boneless meat pricing and details. Also, PA whole deer must NOT have head or antlers removed. These are PA Game Commission rules. Thanks!

Deer Pick up times: 

Saturdays 9am-2pm

You will receive a phone call when your deer is ready.

Thank you!


Take note of pickup times
Please leave your deer, only if you are able to comply with the pick up times. – Thank you! Also, NO CHANGES can be made to your order once you leave your deer in our cooler.